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Naturopathy is a healthcare practice that looks at the 'whole' you: your physical body, your mind & spirit in an integrative way. In this holistic approach you are not simply seen as a biological organism but an emotional & social being whose health depends on many factors. 

Naturopathy is developing from a traditional healing art into an evidence based science with its principles - 'treating the causes and the whole person' and 'supporting the body/mind to heal itself via the least harmful methods' still at its very core.

The nature cure.

Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers are a system of plant and flower based essences developed in the 1930's by Dr Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath who was convinced that emotional well being was the key to good health - and how right he was!

Trained in Bach Flower essences I will sometimes include several that you have chosen based on your emotions and feelings at that time. These essences are very safe and can cleverly bring about subtle changes to your well being.

Patient-centred approach

Nutrition is an absolute keystone component in any naturopathic prescription. Therapeutic doses of particular vitamins, minerals and other natural phytochemical compounds can improve many common deficiency conditions and set you up for great health. Learning what foods suit you and what foods don't helps you manage your health long term.

At the heart of my naturopathic practice is you, the patient - you are intregral, involved and active in negotiating how fast or slow you want to progress. Learning about what it takes to wrangle your own body, mind and self into an optimal sense of well being.

It really is a different journey for each of us. 

Herbal Medicine

My passion from the beginning! The complex and fascinating world of herbal medicine is ever evolving and comes from a long history of traditional use in pharmacy & folklore. Many cultures still use herbs as their first medicine. 

Modern research into herbal medicines are helping us to confirm old uses and also find new innovative ways for herbal medicines to aid in human health.

if you come to consult with me, you will most likely find a herb or two among the prescription!

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